Sunday, June 5, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friends

Meet the smallest additions to my Parliament of Owls, Mr & Mrs Salt 'n' Pepper.

Just after Christmas i had to return something to Cotton On, and because i had bought it so long ago they said they could only give me a store credit.
So after already having eyed of these two a couple of weeks ago, i headed straight for them.

Normally i wouldn't spend $34.95 on something that small, but seeing as i didn't want anything else in the store, and they were only giving me a store credit if i got something right there and then, i had no choice! Not that i really minded.
Anyway L owed me a Christmas present so we put it down to that.

At the moment they live on the mantel as we don't have a dinning table, but i'm sure one day when we do have a table, these two will take pride of place.

All photos taken & owned by Hayley Williams Pawley


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! we used to have a snow white & dopey s&p shakers. they were sooooo cute! snow was bent over kissing dopey on the head...just like in the movie! Aleisha

  2. oh so adorable! I love them! Loving the new blog look too.

    Emily xx

  3. Aw Aleisha, those sound adorable! and Emily thank-you, thats so sweet of you.