Friday, June 24, 2011

If You Like It Then You Should've Put A Frame On It

Jasmin was around during the week and she commented on the wall above my computer as looking a bit odd without the two bookshelves framing it.
At first I was like 'No, I think it looks fine', but after a couple of days I was starting to think she was right.
That just having some pictures randomly in the middle of one wall might be a bit odd.

On Wednesday night the solution occurred to me.

Years ago I found a big silver frame in council collection. It has lived in many places around our house and was residing outside the front door.

So late on Wednesday night I took my cleaning cloth and went to fetch the frame from the front of the house and wipe it down.

I then had to venture out to the shed to find some nails and a hammer.

Normally I wouldn't want to just hammer things into the wall of a place we are renting but this place is such a mess anyway I don't think they would really notice one more hole in the wall. Plus I know there is already damage hiding under some of my pictures on that very same wall that we will have to patch up, so two little nail holes shouldn't make much difference.

So I hammered. The first one was perfect. The second one I bent. I didn't want to go all the wall back out to the shed so I swapped the bent nail with a good nail in the hallway - which wasn't really needed - and tried again.

The nail went in properly this time, but it was in the wrong spot. Mind you I was doing this all by eye.

Third times the charm as it went in and was in the right spot, aka the whole thing looked level.

It is not centered with the wall, but as the computer is not centered on the desk I don't think it really matters. Also I just placed the frame around where everything already was, if I wanted to centre it, I would have had to move all my bits and pieces.

House verdict.

I like it.

Lewis didn't even notice. -
Hayley : "Do you like what I did"
Lewis: "What did you do?"
Hayley: "The frame"
Lewis: "What frame?"

Tara left a note on the whiteboard - "Nice Frame"

And Lyle hasn't been home yet but i'm sure he'll like it too.

Ta Da!
Simple but effective.

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  1. lol @ Lewis - hes such a boy
    does look good if u didnt have th stuff on the wall i would have lined the top with the door frame & left the wall blank