Sunday, November 28, 2010

The cutest little kitchen dresser...

Yesterday i was kindly offered this cute little dresser by Heather Nette King, of which was featured in The Age Sunday M Magazine earlier this year.
You can't see it in this picture but the bottom of the dresser is a cupboard with shutter doors, now filled with boardgames and boxes full of received birthday cards, wrapping paper and the like.
It is currently sitting outside L & I's bedroom next to my previously refurbished wardrobe.
Thanks to Buzzy (Heather) and family for the donation! xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wedding Invitations

My wedding is coming around so fast but at least one thing that i am almost done with is designing the invitations. All i need is the grooms approval and then off to the printers they shall go. Seeing as my invitations aren't the sort of typical 'girly' invitations...
Picture from:

I thought i'd share some of my inspiration when it came to designing invitations that would represent L & I.

Pictures from: Sorry i don't know!

As you can see i am quiet in love with typography, and wanted our invitations to be fun & funky.
But to give you just a taste here is my 'Save the Date'...

I have completely copied the design off my favourite blog of all time, Young House Love. I take no credit at all for the idea. But i do thank my wonderful Daddy for taking the photos.
Apart from the idea the making, printing etc of the Save the Date is all me. As i mentioned my Dad took the photos of L & I holding the signs, which i just printed out on some card from Officeworks.
Then i put the whole thing together using Adobe Illustrator (Thanks to my year of Graphic Design), then printed 4 strips to a page on glossy photo paper, and then set to cutting them out. NOTE! Do not use a scalpel, or you will almost cut off the tops of two of your fingers, not one but two, and on two separate occasions! (Silly Hayley). They turned out amazing so it was kind of worth it.
Once i'd cut them out and patched up my fingers i attached flat sticky magnets which i purchased of eBay to the backs. 100 flat self adhesive magents for about $5 including postage! and i've still got so many left.
Then printed up the address on some cute industrial looking yellow envelopes (this took quiet a bit of playing around with Word & my printer to achieve, but all worked out in the end)

Keep an eye out for the real deal invitations very soon, hopefully.