Monday, March 8, 2010

Putting the heat in the fire place

My 'Fire' place. Clock: Supply & Demand Side frames: Op Shop Middle frame: Ikea Letters: Supply & Demand Candlestick holders: Kmart Candles: Ikea Gold Frame: Fate (see earlier post)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Corner of Paris & Evan...

The other day L and i discovered that we could not use our wall electric heater with our furniture where it was, and with winter on the way it was time for some re-arranging and from this came quiet a wonderful new look for our lounge room. I loving this little section of the room at the moment and keep dragging my eyes away from the tv to look at its cuteness. Chair: Found in council collection - it has been sitting in the bungalow for a while now as it needs recovering. Cover: Doona cover from Op Shop $7 Cushion: Made by me! See earlier post. Table: Op Shop $40 Eiffel Tower: Christmas present from L Stuff on table: See previous post. And what you can't see in this picture which i also love about it is that to the right is our shop manican named Evan, sporting jeans, and a suit jacket, with a lamp stuck in the top of him so at night his lamp shade head and chest glow. Oh Evan.

Kitchen & Kitch

You may have seen in an earlier post my black lockers in this spot in my kitchen, tho i loved the lockers they did not provide enough storage or display space so i swapped them with these shelves from my office room. At some point i will probably paint them but for the moment they are a great place to store & display cute candy coloured kitchen accessories.

Memories in a frame not in a box...Travel

I have been on many trips in my life and i love to save bits and pieces of travel paraphernalia. But for the past however many years it has lived in boxes. I thought what is the point in keep all these memories if i never look at them... Frames: Ikea Inserts: The world!

Memories in a frame not in a box...Cards

Frame: Ikea Insert: Engagement card from Heather Nette King Frame: Ikea Insert: Engagement card from Adam & Terry Loved the cards, wanted to keep them and display them.

Simple & Special Art

Frame: Ikea Backing: Wrapping paper (Engagement party paper) Letters: Off cuts from factory (care of Maggie)