Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventure Date: Melbourne Museum

Yesterday L had the day off from work so we decided to go on an adventure/date/outing.

We caught the train into the city and decided to go to the Melbourne Museum.

The museum is located in Carlton Gardens, which also houses the Royal Exhibition Building.

It was pretty cold out in the morning, and there was a fair bit of ash in the air, but some enhancing on iPhoto has made the photos looking a bit more sunny.
Whatever the weather the gardens in Melbourne are just beautiful.

From here you can see all the way down to the West Gate Bridge.

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the leaves turning and the garden bed to the left and the bridge make it look like a fairy garden.

This is just one of about 4 identical entries on the Royal Exhibition Building.
I absolutely love the glass arch at the top of the arch.

And there was this freaky fountain with what seemed like two legged/flipper? mermaids holding it up.

Now that's what i call a tree!

Loved this ornate lamp on the outside of the building. 

Here is L using his posing skills he picked up from our wedding photos.
You can see the IMAX part of the museum in the background.

We spent about 3 or 4 hours in the museum, looking at all the exhibitions.

 One of our favourite sections was the Melbourne section, i am very Melbourne patriotic (if thats a thing) and it just amazing to see all the old pictures of our city, and look at all the items from before the turn of the century up until the 80's.
There was this cool interactive map that showed Melbourne through the last 150 years or so and as it progressed through time it showed the suburbs springing up. It was fun looking at the suburbs we know so well and seeing when they came into existence.

Luckily for me the Top Design (design excellence for our graduating high school students) was on display.
Seeing as i did Visual Communication & Design (Viscom) in high school i love looking at all that stuff. Tho L and i both agreed that if i had applied to Top Design this year i definitely would have got in because the standard was lower than the year i finished.

Some of the photography was absolutely gorgeous tho. L didn't like all the moody artsy pictures, but we tended to like similar sets of photos really.

I got freaked out in the Science section because of all the bugs, and weird prehistoric creatures, but our other favourite section would have to be the Taxidermy section.

Usually i'm not really that keen on stuffed animals, but the way they did it was awesome.

This is the only photo we actually took in the museum.

It was the only chance we will ever get in our lives to be that close with most of those animals. Like looking a big great lion in the face, or seeing extinct animals like the Tasmanian Tiger.

Each section had interaction screens with a picture of the section you were looking at it but you could click on any animal and it would tell you what animal it was and some information.

We saw some cute little characters and loved seeing the expressions of their faces, we saw a couple of big cats that completely reminded us of Ollie.

I think it would be a great exhibition to do with little kids.

And here is the picture of the day! I wanted a picture of us to commemorate the day but its pretty tricky trying to take a self portrait with a big chunky digital SLR camera.

But this picture 'Thats going straight to a frame" (channeling Michael Caton from The Castle)

If thats the 'lets frame it' picture of the day, this is the 'hide it or people will think L is a creepy pedo'.

I told L to pose behind this cool tree but he wasn't happy about so he was making a sad face, but with the shadows it just looks so freaky!

After the museum we were kind of starving so we took, probably the longest route, down to south bank for some lunch.

The gorgeous old Melbourne Trams. 
L said they must be really desperate for trams as we saw a lot of them out.
I think they are classic, and iconic and completely Melbourne.

See there you can see the newer (uglier) trams, oh and the people running to catch them.

Federation Square.

The Arts Centre. Which is getting a bit of a make over at the bottom there (thus all the scaffolding).

South Bank and the Yarra.

Like a bridge under troubled waters... you can see the MCG! (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

Eureka Tower. I have been up there but L and i are planning to go up on another one of our 'Outings' as he hasn't. You may think oh a tall building, thats cool, but it really is spectacular up there.
Definitely worth a visit.

We had lunch up on one of those terrace restaurants.

After a nice long relaxing lunch we caught the train home.

It was lovely just to have a day out together, get a bit of culture and enjoy the city we love so much.


  1. awww what a lovely post! seems like you had a good day. i love those days of being all touristy :D
    i laughed when u said the bugs freaked you out..i can so imagine that! LOL!
    and i also laughed at lewis's dark shadowy pose behind the tree, so funny!
    your camera takes great photos!

  2. Thanks :D Love being a tourist in Melbourne too! xo

  3. how cool was that screen thing where it told you about the animals. did u go to the human body part? that was awesome

  4. Lol yeah, Lewis got freaked out by the woman giving birth video hehe