Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Present

It was recently one of my neice's 11th birthday. This is what i got/made for her... And i wrapped in a box, instead of just putting it in a card. The box was originally a box of chocolates i got for Christmas (i save boxes) that i wrapped in double sided Ikea wrapping paper (the stripes and polka dots are the same paper just different sides) so make it look more...substantial. She loved it and we are going to use her "Voucher" tomorrow. Great idea for girls of that age, because they love being grown up and going shopping with their cool 20' something aunty.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, i changed my mind... i love Salvos Op Shops! Accidentally went Op Shopping on New Years eve. I went to a supermarket in Oakleigh to get this special type of Alcohol & parked in front of the Salvo's shop. Just thought id pop in a have a look and what do i get.... A wardrobe!! (Our bedroom doesn't have any wardrobes, so i use those plastic storage draws.) $65 (reduced from $95) I picked it up yesterday and painted it Cream (3 coats on Clotted Cream interior paint) and it looks amazing! On top you'll also see another Op Shop purchase for that day, old Enid Blighton books. The inside of the wardrobe: Left hand side - has a back to front hanging pole (it originally had a 'new' shelf in about 2/3's of the way off but i took it out) Right hand side - has three shelves, and under the 3rd shelf it has a pull out sort of pant rack, three wooden rods that you hang your pants over, i have hung skirts on this. I will post my other Op Shops finds (Two frames) in their display, soon.