Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Round Up

Last sunday i posted a few quotes in among the photos, but i seem to have amassed a lot of quotes recently and i don't expect to stop finding great quotes that i want to share.
So i have decided to split it into Sunday Round Up and Quotable's Day.
I have not decided which day will be Quotable's Day, heck it might be a different day every week.
So look out for some Quotable's soon.

For now some pretty pictures...

Picture by Anna Kern via Hooked on Houses

I love this shade of yellow and the idea of painting just a door a bright fun colour.

via Design*Sponge

Wouldn't this look great in a big display, maybe making a shape.

via The Haystack Needle

Love the chalkboard dresser draws. Good idea especially for kids to list or draw pictures of what's inside so they know where their clothes are, and hopefully can put them away.

via It's The Little Things

Wall Colour
Bead board on the walls (could easily re-create with pieces of wood)
Table with chairs and bench
The No.s on the bench

 by Fudge Banana Swirl via Design*Sponge

Clever idea or what to do with an unused fireplace or just to make with a salvaged fireplace surround as a cute bookshelf.

via Better Homes & Gardens US via The Inspired Room

I like the aqua colour of the chairs and the idea of painting wicker furniture. I also love the bench seat with the panelling at the bottom.

via Elle Decor

This is from Courteney Cox's home.
I want a giant penguin book...thing!

via Elle Decor

This is also from Courteney Cox's home. Wouldn't it be amazing to sit out here and watch the sunset with friends and some drinks.

From Better Homes & Gardens US via Mike & McGee

I love big bold painted on wall stripes. Love this shade of pink and the idea of this for a kids room.

Buy 'How To' PDF from Etsy found via Frankie

Incase your bike gets cold.

From Vogue Italy via Frolic

I love love love the baskets at the top with the scolloped edged lining. Could do this with any basket i suppose.

from here via Vintage Oh Me Oh My

Cute vintage advertising.

Centsational Girl via Design*Sponge (with How To)
This is so cute.

Gerren Lamson via Vintage Oh Me Oh My
Love me some vintage labels. Especially love the word Cider how its all swirled and connected

Apartment Therapy via Remodelaholic 

Love the colour of the brickwork.

by Chez Larsson

Now this is how you style box shelfs (Ektorp from Ikea).
Viewing it as one long stretch of boxes instead of individual hidey holes stops it from looking messy and is more pleasant for the eye to look at, then looking at 25 completely different little boxes all at once.

by Raise No Chicken via Vintage Oh Me Oh My

Some more gorgeous vintage advertising. I love the colours in this poster.

from here via Vintage Oh Me Oh My

Gin Pills, wouldn't everyone like some of these.


from here via Vintage Oh Me Oh My

This would definitely help with getting the teeth brushed.

Ana White

This is a Kids Helper. Ana White made one for her daughter and on her website gives very detailed instructions on how to make your own.

The platform is adjustable so you can use it for whatever age kid you have and it has anti-tip attachments (pictured on the Helper below)

Ana White

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

I love how the brick arch behind the bed becomes the headboard. And how simply but gorgeously the room is styled.

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

I love this but seriously no man lives here right?

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

I love the contrast of the white shelf with the two colours.

That's all for today.

Hope you have a great sunday.

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