Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My handy dandy trestle table

Yesterday i finally cracked and got sick of sitting at my too small desk, that i could even get my legs under, and decided to re-arrange.
As per usual i get so caught up in wanting to change things and 'do it now', that i forgot to take before pictures. But i had a little look through my photos and managed to find these pictures from a post about the images above my desk, which should give you a bit of an idea of what things looked like before i changed it all up.

I also found an image that our friend Adam took one night, while having some drinks and playing games.

My desk did and still does reside in a corner of the lounge room. I used to have it in Lyle's current room when it was a spare room, but since deciding to rent out that room the computer has lived in the lounge room. 
Tara & Lyle both have laptops so having a desk isn't as necessary to them, tho they are both at Uni, go figure! No actually Lyle has a desk. But because Lewis & I share a room (obviously), there is not a heap of room for a computer in there and we do have a pretty big lounge room.

My previous desk arrangement consisted of one 'table' that i found in council collection, propped up on bricks to try and make it taller, flanked by two 'billy' bookcases.
It was an okay arrangement if you just wanted to jump on the computer to look something up, but if you actually wanted to sit there and do some work or even just a decent amount of typing it was very uncomfortable, i couldn't get my legs under properly, couldn't cross my legs, and couldn't even push in the chair without having to maneuver it over the bricks.

So to remedy this i decided to bring in my wooden trestle table. I have used this table for many things over the years. When i was younger it was a Lego table for my brother and I, it was a kitchen table for a long time at my parents house and most recently it was my sewing table when we had the spare room.

I debated placing the table along the back wall of the lounge room, adjacent to where the table previously was, but when i placed it there it took up more space than i wanted it too and it just didn't look right.
So it now takes the place of the little table and both the bookshelves, with one of the book shelves being relocated to the other side of the lounge room to display at sorts of pretty things and the other book shelve is now in our very wide hallway, opposite Lyle's room carrying all the useful sort of things. eg sewing kit, sewing machine, computer stuff, stationary etc.

(Please excuse the not so great hall picture, my camera was running out of battery and the hall light is broken)

I also placed a little orange table, which was actually one of my first ever junking finds, under the desk to put my printer on and placed a spare box under the table to wrangle all the computer cables.

I am so happy with the new set up and have been so much more productive. Its amazing how such little change in your environment can make such a difference to your motivation. 
And luckily everyone else in the house seems to like the re-arrangement it too!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday NGV

I am in love with this 'map' aka awesome poster , that came on the back of the pamphlet for NVG (National Gallery of Victoria)'s 150 years celebration.

I had seen it on the net last week and already saved the image not really knowing what it was for. Then when i was at my parents house for weekly friday night dinners (and no they're not like the Gilmore Girls ones :P anyone else?), my parents had a copy of the NVG pamphlet and Dad and I were having a look at what was on, when i spied the back of the pamphlet.

I was really excited, because i knew that i would never get around to printing off the image to hang up in a frame, and that it wouldn't be as good quality or size and the one of the back of the pamphlet.

Lucky for me, there wasn't anything they wanted to go see so i snatched up the pamphlet and now get to proudly display a little piece of melbourne on my wall.

I'd love to hang it in a frame one day, as it is an art piece in an of itself. It is not only advertising, which i have a soft spot for, it is cute, fun advertising! I could very much see this poster looking fabulous and 'vintage' in the years to come.My only concern is that the blue tack currently holding it to my wall will leave those kind of greasy smudges on the front. Fingers crossed it survives it life on the wall long enough to one day be put in a frame. When i have the money and you know own my own wall.