Wednesday, December 30, 2009


KITCHEN I needed something to store my "Kitchen" pretty things in, this set of lockers was originally in our bedroom but didn't work, so i put it here as a temporary storage solution but now i actually like it. Items: (left to right) Lockers - Ebay $104 Wicker Hearts - Op Shop - A couple of dollars Party bucket - Santas present to Housemate Terry Cake Stand - Future Mother-in-Laws unwanted Xmas gift Sippy Cup - Says my name Pink & White stripped Bowl & Cup - Christmas present from Buzzy and family. Glass jars - Old sauce jars filled with JellyBellys Big Pink Mug - Xmas present from L, from Kmart, hot chocolate set Jade Green Bowls - $4 from Opshop Jade Green Bowls & Wicker Hearts (Came tied with red ribbon, but i always keep any ribbon i get ei on present, and used my stash of ribbon to hang the other hearts. The middle heart came with ribbon tied on) Just got these yesterday from the Vinnies in Oakleigh. Vinnies have the best stuff, my other favorite Vinnies is in Edithvale. Vinnies are the best as far as 'chain' op shops go (they actually look like op shops), Salvos try to look like stores and i am told that they move their stock around stores. Where as with Vinnies, going to Vinnies in a certain area will affect the type of stuff you will find, ei go to a Vinnies in a nice area :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE in LOUNGE ROOM White Table - Ikea around $25 Glass Candle Stick Holders - Op Shop Candles - Kmart Hat Box - Op Shop HOME letters - Supply & Demand in Armadale, $3 each letter Gold Frame - Bought as a set of four french provincial painting (see below) at a fate in Ocean Grove, for $5. As you can tell the frames did not suit the pictures at all.
HALLWAY I have re framed the gorgeous pictures, which are painting onto the backboard of the gold frames, and slightly damaged, but that adds to the charm, in $20 frames from IKEA.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KITCHEN TABLE Op shop - $8 Fiance is not a fan, but oh well :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPARE ROOM Chair - Found in Council Hard Rubbish collection, so free :) Hope to re-cover one day. My cats - Ollie (Ginger) and Lando (Black) Thats all for now. Will post some of my Christmasy homewares soon. Miss Hayley