Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday Round Up (On Wednesday)

I love this sink, the size, the colour!

How cool is this? You could make a pic out of anything.

This ones for you Ollie.

Source: None via Hayley on Pinterest

So many things you can do with pallets. I think i could probably do a dedicated pallet post one day.

I want this pantry.

This is very cute. Good thing to do if you ever collected band badges.

This is really cute. It is either the one i like at Ikea or one very similar.

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

I want this! This is so cool. Chopping board with built in scale.

I like the idea of painting or wallpapering the inside of a closet or cupboard.

How to make chalkboard paint in any colour you like.
1 Cup of Paint + 2 Tbs of Unsanded Tile Grout

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

How cute is this for a sleep over. Just 5 pillows sewed in.

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

This is such a cool clock. Granted you wouldn't get the exact time but i like it :)

Cute bowls, love the polka dot ones.

Adorable puzzle cookie cutter.

I want one of these, so cool. Tho i'd probably end up pushing the good stuff through the hole.

I did this the other day on my white board! Just put a magnet inside the tin and it works perfectly.

This is such a good idea for when you go to the beach.

Laundry sack and embroidery hoop. Great way to keep dirty clothes and dirty clothes baskets off the floor.

So smart. Use bread ties as cable labels.

This looks stunning. I want one... hehe

Really cute vertical garden made using gutters.


  1. I want a house like that too! I told James and he scoffed, so I lowered my expectations to a house in Glen Iris. One of those 1950's houses with the wrap around veranda and big sun windows.

  2. I want one of those too! Lol Or a cute terrace tho you don't get as much light. Ah we shall keep dreaming hehe

  3. you dont want a massive house like the pic whod clean it + heating/cooling it will b shit expensive!

  4. If i could afford a house like that i'm pretty sure heating/cooling and cleaning costs wouldn't be a problem lol

  5. Hey hayley, it's Jemma. Clare got me on to your blog, it's really lovely. The bread ties idea is genius and so simple, our place has a million cords so I'm defiantly going to try it. So many of these photos I'd love to try, I'll let you know how many I get through.

  6. Hey Jemma,
    Thanks for the comment, it's nice to hear from you.
    That cord idea is in-genius i've tried to label cords in the past and it never really worked out great but thats just so easy and simple.
    I hope your good and that your parents are enjoying their new home :)