Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Junking' at its finest

Last sunday my mum & i were driving up her street on our way to Kmart, when i spotted a full wooden table setting sitting on the side of the road.
As we drove past it, i squeaked and mum asked if i wanted to pull over, i hummed and hared a little, so she turned the car around and we stopped across the street to have a sneaky look.

I noticed there was another car hovering as well, so when mum asked if i just wanted to leave it and see if it was there when we came back, i knew i couldn't risk it, it was too good of a find.

So we parked the car and got out.

Amazingly the table and chairs were rock steady and in really good condition.

The lady who was in her car hopped out and complimented our find and took the plastic slid sitting next to it for herself. But mum & i knew she wanted the table for herself. It wouldn't have fit in her car away.

On that point, we saddled up, one holding each end of the table and carried it down the street to Mum & Dads house.
We got some odd looks but mostly comments from people complementing us on our good find.

Once the table was safely in Mum carport we walked back to the car and managed to cram 6 chairs into her sedan, tho one was half sticking out my window, but it was only a short trip so i didn't mind.

And here they are, safe and sound in Mum & Dads carport until L & I buy a house and have somewhere to put them!

(Please excuse the bad photo, as i only had my phone with me.)
I love the table, its exactly what we've always wanted, a big wooden table to gather around with family.
The chairs i'm not that keen on so i may sell them and find some other chairs.

Usually when i find stuff like this on the street i can't get it because its too big to get in the car, so it was amazing that we found it so close to my parents house.

I can't wait to use it in our very own house one day soon! (because it wont fit in our current house)


  1. wow thats great! good on you for finding something so fab that you didnt even have to spend $$ on!
    ps, looking through the fence at the pool brings back old memories!! :P

  2. Thanks! Love free shopping :) and I know lol good times in the pool, I don't even go in that often anymore.