Monday, June 6, 2011

An Education

I am lucky enough to own a digital SLR camera (aka big nice fancy camera) but i don't really know enough about it.
Image found here

So i google 'basics for digital SLR camera' and found the website of R J Bradbury, who is an english man (with a Karl Pilkington'esk accent) who has made a series of videos on how to use my camera (Cannon EOS 500D).

They start with the basics and work their way up to the more advanced things you can do with the camera.
I've watched 12 of his video tutorials, and i already know so much more about my camera! I've covered the basics of the camera and all the 'automatic' modes, and i'm working my way to learning how to use the 'manual' modes.

I am so glad to finally be able to use some more of the great features on my camera, and i am already seeing an improvement in the quality of photos i am able to take.

P.S. If your looking for some great tips on how to take better pictures of your home, check out these tips from Nicole at  Making It Lovely.


  1. didn't it come with a manual? best way to work it out is to play with it - only downside is that you learn things down the track ie i have had my dvd recorder for 18months and only learnt a new setting thing 2 weeks ago! Aleisha

  2. Yeah it does have a manual but it's all just so technical, seing as it's such a complex camera its just alot nicer/easier to understand when it's being explained by a human being :)