Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely Linen

Here are some of my newest cushions. I also had some newspaper print cushions but i sold both of them the first time i took them out!
What i love about both these patterns is that they are fun! Still grown up, in stylist modern colours, but a bit fun and playful. I also love the thick linen fabric that makes it feels so sturdy. Would love to cover a chair in either of these fabrics.

Photos were taken in my back yard, who knew my inhabitable bungalow could look so good! The cushions are sitting on the end of a desk which used to be in our old kitchen, of which L chopped the end off to make it fit at our current house, but i like it!

Heart, Miss Hayley

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rose Street Artists Market 23rd May 2010

I have done three markets recently but only remembered to take pictures at one!
I also did Castle Lane Bazaar on Sydney Rd in Brunswick which was great and Rose St again.
I have some new designs that i will put up at soon as i can be bothered to take photos :)