Sunday, November 28, 2010

The cutest little kitchen dresser...

Yesterday i was kindly offered this cute little dresser by Heather Nette King, of which was featured in The Age Sunday M Magazine earlier this year.
You can't see it in this picture but the bottom of the dresser is a cupboard with shutter doors, now filled with boardgames and boxes full of received birthday cards, wrapping paper and the like.
It is currently sitting outside L & I's bedroom next to my previously refurbished wardrobe.
Thanks to Buzzy (Heather) and family for the donation! xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wedding Invitations

My wedding is coming around so fast but at least one thing that i am almost done with is designing the invitations. All i need is the grooms approval and then off to the printers they shall go. Seeing as my invitations aren't the sort of typical 'girly' invitations...
Picture from:

I thought i'd share some of my inspiration when it came to designing invitations that would represent L & I.

Pictures from: Sorry i don't know!

As you can see i am quiet in love with typography, and wanted our invitations to be fun & funky.
But to give you just a taste here is my 'Save the Date'...

I have completely copied the design off my favourite blog of all time, Young House Love. I take no credit at all for the idea. But i do thank my wonderful Daddy for taking the photos.
Apart from the idea the making, printing etc of the Save the Date is all me. As i mentioned my Dad took the photos of L & I holding the signs, which i just printed out on some card from Officeworks.
Then i put the whole thing together using Adobe Illustrator (Thanks to my year of Graphic Design), then printed 4 strips to a page on glossy photo paper, and then set to cutting them out. NOTE! Do not use a scalpel, or you will almost cut off the tops of two of your fingers, not one but two, and on two separate occasions! (Silly Hayley). They turned out amazing so it was kind of worth it.
Once i'd cut them out and patched up my fingers i attached flat sticky magnets which i purchased of eBay to the backs. 100 flat self adhesive magents for about $5 including postage! and i've still got so many left.
Then printed up the address on some cute industrial looking yellow envelopes (this took quiet a bit of playing around with Word & my printer to achieve, but all worked out in the end)

Keep an eye out for the real deal invitations very soon, hopefully.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely Linen

Here are some of my newest cushions. I also had some newspaper print cushions but i sold both of them the first time i took them out!
What i love about both these patterns is that they are fun! Still grown up, in stylist modern colours, but a bit fun and playful. I also love the thick linen fabric that makes it feels so sturdy. Would love to cover a chair in either of these fabrics.

Photos were taken in my back yard, who knew my inhabitable bungalow could look so good! The cushions are sitting on the end of a desk which used to be in our old kitchen, of which L chopped the end off to make it fit at our current house, but i like it!

Heart, Miss Hayley

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rose Street Artists Market 23rd May 2010

I have done three markets recently but only remembered to take pictures at one!
I also did Castle Lane Bazaar on Sydney Rd in Brunswick which was great and Rose St again.
I have some new designs that i will put up at soon as i can be bothered to take photos :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am loving, and i think everyone else is too, my hand painted font/word cushions!
I just love them, and need to get on making some more!

Picture: From The Handmade Show, taken by Jade Holi

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Visit 'The Handmade Show's blog to see the interview with me!
So exciting to be featured on a blog! & super excited to be going to sell my cushions at The Handmade Show THIS SATURDAY

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Handmade Show

My cushions and i will be at The Handmade Show at Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL THIS SATURDAY! (8th May)
I will also be featured on the shows blog very soon with an interview and pictures to boot!

My first ever market!

This past Saturday i took Lewis, my cushions & I to the St Augustine's Church Fate, we didn't get many people through the fate but i still managed to sell one cushion.
I am very happy with the wall my little stall looked and big big thanks to my wonderful Lewis for helping and for staying for the whole 4 hours even tho he was incredible bored.

My first ever sale!

My first ever sale!

I sold these 4 cushions to my soon to be Mother-in-Law Maggie, and here they are looking gorgeous on her bed :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


I now have my Esty Shop up and running so you can now buy some of my new creations.
All my products are now also displayed on the right-hand side of my blog :) with links.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Summer

Backyard photo shoot - Sweet Summer

Chair: Found in council collection and painted in "Clotted Cream"
Cushions: Made by me using tea towles
Yellow buckets: Supply & Demand
Frame: Ocean Grove fate
Pink Bag: Easter gift wrapping
Bike: Found on side of the road
Location: My backyard, good thing L hasn't gotten around to mowing the lawn :P

Monday, March 8, 2010

Putting the heat in the fire place

My 'Fire' place. Clock: Supply & Demand Side frames: Op Shop Middle frame: Ikea Letters: Supply & Demand Candlestick holders: Kmart Candles: Ikea Gold Frame: Fate (see earlier post)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Corner of Paris & Evan...

The other day L and i discovered that we could not use our wall electric heater with our furniture where it was, and with winter on the way it was time for some re-arranging and from this came quiet a wonderful new look for our lounge room. I loving this little section of the room at the moment and keep dragging my eyes away from the tv to look at its cuteness. Chair: Found in council collection - it has been sitting in the bungalow for a while now as it needs recovering. Cover: Doona cover from Op Shop $7 Cushion: Made by me! See earlier post. Table: Op Shop $40 Eiffel Tower: Christmas present from L Stuff on table: See previous post. And what you can't see in this picture which i also love about it is that to the right is our shop manican named Evan, sporting jeans, and a suit jacket, with a lamp stuck in the top of him so at night his lamp shade head and chest glow. Oh Evan.

Kitchen & Kitch

You may have seen in an earlier post my black lockers in this spot in my kitchen, tho i loved the lockers they did not provide enough storage or display space so i swapped them with these shelves from my office room. At some point i will probably paint them but for the moment they are a great place to store & display cute candy coloured kitchen accessories.

Memories in a frame not in a box...Travel

I have been on many trips in my life and i love to save bits and pieces of travel paraphernalia. But for the past however many years it has lived in boxes. I thought what is the point in keep all these memories if i never look at them... Frames: Ikea Inserts: The world!

Memories in a frame not in a box...Cards

Frame: Ikea Insert: Engagement card from Heather Nette King Frame: Ikea Insert: Engagement card from Adam & Terry Loved the cards, wanted to keep them and display them.

Simple & Special Art

Frame: Ikea Backing: Wrapping paper (Engagement party paper) Letters: Off cuts from factory (care of Maggie)