Monday, February 21, 2011

A Parliament of Owls

Please stand to welcome the newest member of the parliament.
I found this little friend at a Fire Brigade garage sale just outside of Ocean Grove last month.
As he was bundled in with some other stuff i don't really know how much he cost me but i think i paid about $1.00 for him.
He is the perfect example of something that i loved that wasn't quite the right colour.
You see, he doesn't really match his friends.

So out came the white spray paint!
 Here is Lewis doing the first coat for me.
Here he is after the 1st coat.

And here he is after his second coat. Well i'm not the best spray painter so i think he will need a bit of a sanding to get rid of the drips and one more coat. But he does fit in alot better with his mates now.
I'll post you some day time pictures after i've completely finished him. But with just a lick of paint he goes from a $1.00 piece of junk to something you could easily pay $20 for in the shops.
Goodnight my owl friends, or maybe good morning to you.

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