Friday, February 18, 2011

Bridal Shower

On the Saturday before our wedding i was thrown a wonderful "Surprise"Bridal Shower.
I say surprise because i knew when it was on, and i was casually invited to lunch by my mum & godmother, but apart from that i knew none of the particulars, which is just as i like it.

So after being taken to Cold Rock ice creamery, Mum said she just had to pop into Lewis' parents house, well i knew this must be it, especially when i recognized all the cars out the front.

I was greeted by my beautiful bridesmaids who dressed me in a headband veil and bride sash.

The party with lovingly hosted by Lewis' mother Maggie in their gorgeous East Malvern home.
The girls even organized some games, such a 'how well do you know the bride' quiz, wedding word scramble and a contest to dress three of the guests in toilet paper as brides, which was very funny.

It was a lovely day, and that evening me and some of the girls went out for dinner at Taco Bill (my favorite) had half price fish bowl margaritas and they wouldn't even let me pay! the night was topped off with drinks in my backyard.

It was absolutely what i wanted when it comes to a bridal shower/hens night, i didn't want clubbing (i get too tired), i didn't want strippers. So i got a wonderfully relaxed and fun afternoon/evening with the girls, exactly what i needed a week out from the wedding!

Thanks again to everyone who made it so wonderful.

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  1. you are right.It was a lovely day.I'm glad you enjoyed it.