Sunday, February 27, 2011


Every year for my niece's & nephew's birthday i give them a voucher.
The voucher consists of $20 spending money, shopping, lunch & a movie with Aunty Hayley.
They love that they get to spend the day with me, and that they can do it by themselves (as they are always with their siblings).
Today i took my 10 year old nephew Michael, who so kindly told me that i could look in shops too as the day wasn't all about him it was about spending time together. Awwww.

So after all his shopping, lunch and the movie i took him with me into one of my favorite stores... Provincial. Which i just happen to have a $100 gift voucher for.

After much umming & aaring on my part, Michael told me i should buy the plates, and so i listened.
Unfortunately for me they were half price last week and this week they are back to full price :(

Seeing as during our time in the shop i had dropped something and almost broken something else, Michael insisted on caring the 6 heavy plates himself, all the way back the car, and he did a great job.
Look here they are safe & sound at home...

I also picked up this...
Which tells you how much spaghetti to make depending on how many people you have just by sticking the spaghetti through the appropriate holes. 

Now the decision is where to put my pretty plates!

p.s. i was not paid by Provincial to talk about them, i just like their store.

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