Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabulous 21

Last night was our housemate Tara's 21st birthday party
That's Tara
The party was held in our backyard with the help of Tara's parents and catering. It was lovely for me to finally put faces to names i had heard in many a story from Tara. The catered food consisted of salads, rolls and meat from the spit which completely satisfied the masses and we will have left overs of the meat for days (Lewis is not complaining). And for Tara & I, the vegetarians, her mum made us spinach & ricotta and also pumpkin pastries, with her homemade pastry. They were amazing and well lets just say there is none left.

The night had some lovely heartfelt speeches from friends throughout the years, which served to confirm her status at Queen of the Gays, or as James put it her 'Fag Hagetry'.
Tara & I borrowed each other clothes for the evening and lets just say i don't think she's getting her dress back anytime soon because i love it.

Tara's little cousin Christina (pictured below) left me feeling very clucky (meaning: i want one!) with her cute smiles and friendly personality. There was also 2 lovely cakes made by Tara's mum (pictured below) and her cousin Tanya made some cute as cupcakes.

The night wrapped up pretty late with me going to bed at 3.30am and the last of the party/guests staying over, went to bed about 6am.

It was a wonderful night and i hope Tara enjoyed it as much as i did.

Photos taken by James Haigh & Callum Leonard

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