Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So this is my kitchen.
Believe it or not it is about 4 times bigger that my kitchen at our old apartment.
Our kitchen window looks out to...a wall, but its ok because we have a sky light.

There used to be cupboard doors on the pantry to the right, but they just got in the way.
We have a lazy susan that lives on top of the microwave that holds all our spices, and oil etc.
The addition of the island type bench in the middle of the room has made all the difference to the functionality of the kitchen, we used to have a table & chairs in the kitchen. First of all it took up too much space & it was also too low to comfortable chop at.
Previously we have also had furniture on the wall to the right above, but it feels a lot more airy & open, and it is easy to move around without something there.

So that my kitchen, for now :)

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