Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen Envy - Part 2

This morning when i was looking around on my computer i found another folder of blog love that i'd forgotten about, so heres some more shots of kitchens that i just adore. Most have come from other blogs. Im sorry i didn't keep a track of any of the websites they came from, but just have a look and enjoy the prettiness.

Love those big old fashioned white sinks, would like one similar in a laundry someday.

Who doesn't love a good island.

Love the chairs of course, actually think i like the stool version of them more.

Gotta love some awesome shelving to display all the pretty kitchen wares. I also can't resist a ladder. If you had kids you'd probably need one of those ladder guards they have on ladders at Ikea.

Love the island with the shelves under it, tho would have one side clear to pop your legs under.

 Ahh its all about shelves today isn't it.

Ohhh smeg....

Another awesome ladder, and overall just stunning cabinet design.

I love this because it is a very similar era to the kitchen in our old apartment and it shows what you can do with a 70's or older kitchen without ripping it out.
Its just so cute.

Gorgeous light, gorgeous floor, don't love the table and chairs but do love it when people have a combination of benches and chairs at their table.

 A double over and stove top! If only i could be that lucky hehe. Love the detail they put on the air vent above and the beautiful combination of the black & the white, without making it look stark.
 The beams say it all.
 It love this, but all my mind can think about is, what about the mosies?!
Love the chalkboard of course. I painted my closet doors at my parents house with chalkboard when i was younger. Also particularly love the details on the wood work. Just look at those pantry doors to the right.

Well i am certainly envious enough for one day, how about you?

Of course i give full credit to the amazing and lucky people who own/take photos of these kitchens.

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  1. Beautiful kitchens, H. Love Mumma xxx