Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitchen Envy

On my computer i keep a folder called "Blog Love" and i thought i'd share some kitchen pictures that have ended up in there. Mind you i've only had this folder for a couple of months.

I did not write down where the images are from so you'll have to excuse the lack of links and information.

But do know that i don't own any of these pictures, they belong to other, very talented/lucky, people.

 I think the glass splash-back is a wonderful way to make the room feel bigger, tho i would be worried about it staying clean and it reflecting all the mess.

I love the pantry door in this kitchen, so cute.

This kitchen is from John & Sherry @ Young House Love

Love the mix of wood & white, tho probably would have gone with a lighter countertop with the wood.

This is from John & Sherry @ Young House Love.
Love this way of storing items in these gorgeous glass jars, i have a couple already that i use for storing hair accessories. One day when i have more display space in a kitchen i would like to do this with more items.

 Adore. Adore. Adore.

 Love the combination of granite & wood countertops.

I am just dying for those cute little tea & milkshake cups, found at Ikea.

Don't love the overall design of this room, but i love the layout, how the room has just the kitchen and the table and not the lounge room. Also how beautiful those windows are, pity they are hidden behind those huge curtains.

Just too cute to handle. The inside of the pantry has paneling in it too!

One day i hope to have some version of all of these kitchens, but for now having one that is functional is the most important thing.

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