Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday NGV

I am in love with this 'map' aka awesome poster , that came on the back of the pamphlet for NVG (National Gallery of Victoria)'s 150 years celebration.

I had seen it on the net last week and already saved the image not really knowing what it was for. Then when i was at my parents house for weekly friday night dinners (and no they're not like the Gilmore Girls ones :P anyone else?), my parents had a copy of the NVG pamphlet and Dad and I were having a look at what was on, when i spied the back of the pamphlet.

I was really excited, because i knew that i would never get around to printing off the image to hang up in a frame, and that it wouldn't be as good quality or size and the one of the back of the pamphlet.

Lucky for me, there wasn't anything they wanted to go see so i snatched up the pamphlet and now get to proudly display a little piece of melbourne on my wall.

I'd love to hang it in a frame one day, as it is an art piece in an of itself. It is not only advertising, which i have a soft spot for, it is cute, fun advertising! I could very much see this poster looking fabulous and 'vintage' in the years to come.My only concern is that the blue tack currently holding it to my wall will leave those kind of greasy smudges on the front. Fingers crossed it survives it life on the wall long enough to one day be put in a frame. When i have the money and you know own my own wall.

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