Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Summer

Backyard photo shoot - Sweet Summer

Chair: Found in council collection and painted in "Clotted Cream"
Cushions: Made by me using tea towles
Yellow buckets: Supply & Demand
Frame: Ocean Grove fate
Pink Bag: Easter gift wrapping
Bike: Found on side of the road
Location: My backyard, good thing L hasn't gotten around to mowing the lawn :P


  1. Hello Hayley - your website is very interesting and inspiring - you are so clever and creative - I cant wait to see more of your creations and finds - are you selling the things on your website? Vicki - Tri Nature

  2. I am selling the items found on the side of the blog through, you can visit my store by clicking on the Miss Hayley Designs link at the top of the page xo

    My services/design abilities are always for sale :)